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January 9, 2012, despite community pressure to restrict the expansion, the Nova Scotia Environment Minister approved an Environmental Assessment which will dramatically affect the quality of life, safety and property values of people living in the Georgeville area, along Highways 337 and 245 and the Town of Antigonish. The Quarry expansion approval conditions allows production increases which can cause 300 plus trucks to travel by your door every day, 50 weeks a year.

November 9, 2011, when the application was registered with the NS Department of Environment and falsely advertised to the public as an environmental application to continue business as usual (screen capture) (website link). ), the community received the first notice of the Quarry expansion plans in their neighborhood. Upon reading the actual 200 plus page document, they had serious concerns.

"The Mini Trail Quarry Concerns Society
was formed to ensure people's voices are heard"

Hundreds of people from 13 surrounding communities have attended meetings, written letters and some have donated funds to research and combat this expansion application. As a result the Mini Trail Quarry Concerns Society was formed to ensure people's voices are heard and given credence as they and the provincial government continue to deal with the fallout of the Minister of Environment's decision to approve a huge expansion in footprint and production despite the people's opposition .

Our Society's research, legal and environmental advice, and input from neighbours has uncovered disturbing information regarding the Environment Assessment process and this specific application. The Major Points of Concerns are elaborated on in the Issues Page and in the Power Point Presentation. The exclusion of public input in the over one year information gathering period prior to the Department of the Environment advising the company to register their application, is inexcusable and contrary to the Environment Act.

"We work towards controlling the expansion and
bringing forward a palatable solution"

This website contains all the work done to date by the Society and an Invitation to join us by adding your financial and /or volunteer support as we work towards controlling the expansion and bringing forward a palatable solution. The Company requires an amendment from the Minister of the Environment to alter their existing Industrial Approval, in order to take advantage of the Environmental Approval. The Society on April 26th sent a letter giving the Minister of the Environment and the government notice that the public wants to have input at this amendment stage.

The battle to be heard is ongoing and we are pleased to have you visit this website and inform yourself regarding what we as residents of neighborhoods on highways 245 and 337 as well as the Town of Antigonish have to lose if we don't continue to vigilantly oppose this expansion. Please exercise your rights to protect yourself by joining the rest of us who have put hundreds of hours into analyzing this problem and seeking advice on how best to deal with it. Financially, we need your help to continue to protect the communitiesí interests.

Thanks for your help and support!
Your Mini Trail Quarry Concerns Society Team

Key Issues With Expansion
  • Contradictions
  • Public Awareness
  • False Information

Desired Solution

We are asking the Minister to require ALVA Construction, to maintain their production level per the status quo , as practised today and over the past ten years and limit the EA approval to land excluded by the 800 meter blasting setback.

Quarry Location

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