Mini Trail Quarry Concerns Society

Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Want To Support or Join Us?

To date a small number of people have cash flowed the financial expenses however this is an issue that will directly affect your safety, quality of life and property values and we would very much appreciate your support in aiding us to look after an issue that impacts you. This is a time when it will pay you to stand up for yourself.

Purchase a Society membership for $25.
Our mailing address:
Mini Trail Quarry Concerns Society
PO Box 1712, Antigonish, NS, B2G2M5

If you wish to make a financial contribution while remaining anonymous, you may donate to our bank account at Scotia Bank (Antigonish Branch, Account # 40113 00761 12). A membership form can be found here or we can mail it to you by request.

Donations are sought and gratefully accepted to cover expenses, such as legal analysis and advice, the purchase of our mailing list, printing and posting of this letter. A means of communicating is vital for all members of the community so that we remain informed about issues that affect us. No donation amount is too big or too small. Please do not leave this to others, if you believe it is important and have the means to help.

Volunteer your time; itís valuable. Anyone who could help now or in the future is encouraged to email It is not necessary to be a year round resident; we appreciate your participation via email from anywhere. Please consider being part of the next Executive and help with the development.

We need your help. Going forward, the people of this area need a mechanism for communication, research and to be effective in advocating for themselves. We ask you to write to the Premier and the Minister of the Environment, either by email or by post and copy the Mini Trail Quarry Concerns Society at

Form letters with the correct addresses and email can be found here (Premier Dexter) (Minister Belliveau). We invite you to alter them to suit yourself or write your own. We have been told numbers count, and letters are given more credence than petitions; therefore, we ask you to take a few minutes to ensure your voice is heard.

If you love where you live, work, and recreate, and the reasons you chose to be here, then we need you to join us in working collectively to be heard and to reshape how the government addresses the needs, values and concerns of Nova Scotia communities and the people who live there.


Key Issues With Expansion
  • Contradictions
  • Public Awareness
  • False Information

Desired Solution

We are asking the Minister to require ALVA Construction, to maintain their production level per the status quo , as practised today and over the past ten years and limit the EA approval to land excluded by the 800 meter blasting setback.

Quarry Location

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